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Friday, April 23, 2010

Plan E

Things don't always go as planned. Everyone knows this but not all people actually REALIZE how true this is.

Tommy and I know this truth VERY well considering we've had to postpone our wedding not once, not twice, but THREE times. It gets a little old having people constantly asking us WHEN we're getting married and questioning why it's taking so long.

Not a day goes by where we don't think about how we're STILL in waiting. We don't need you reminding us that you're waiting too. I understand that you're excited to see us tie the knot, but BELIEVE ME, we're more anxious and excited than you could ever be. You, the guest, are waiting for the party. We, the Bride and Groom, are waiting to spend our lives together. We're waiting for our lives to begin. So please stop asking. We'll let you know when its happening, and if not well maybe it's because you won't be invited.

And again, everything doesn't go according to plan. But since people seem to think we're not trying our hardest for this wedding to happen, I guess I'm just going to have to spell things out.

Plan A: Education
At the beginning stage of our relationship, Tommy was going to school for computers. He liked it, he was doing well, learning a lot, then they close the class due to the small class size. So plan A is out.

Plan B: Get a job and Move Up
Tommy eventually stared working for Modern VideoFilm (they edit movies and TV programs. If you look at the credits to a lot of popular shows you'll see the name). He started in the Shipping and Receiving department but was going to eventually move up to "QC" where he will edit. He loved this job and soon we were engaged. Then the writers strike happened, the economy went down the drain, and he was laid off. Plan B is also now out.

Plan C: Start Business
Now this one may seem like a stretch because it's A LOT of work, etc etc. But, with the help of a friend, it was very possible. Tommy buys business cards, starts a website, networks, then gets a ticket and loses his license (which is necessary because the business requires him to drive everywhere). Plan C is out the window (temporarily)

Plan D: Go back to school, again
Now since Tommy's business was put on hold he decided to go back to school. The school was free, free room and board, and gets a little allowance. We're excited and it looks promising. He gets info on orientation and finds out that because of ticket (which yes was Tommy's fault. BUT how it was handled after was NOT his fault and ended up screwing him over) he can't join until after it's taken care of, which was a problem because he couldn't find work. And time was already running out because this particular school was only for ages 16-24 and at this time he was going to be 24 in about 8 months. Plan D is out.

Plan E: Working and Starting his business (again)
This is where we are now. Things are looking good, but we're not going to get too excited just yet. Tommy likes his job, they like him, he's doing well, and now has something to add to his business (which he's supposed to get some free supplies for).

If I believed in luck, I'd swear we had bad luck.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Silver Lining to our Dark Cloud

I don't always agree with that saying but in this particular case I do.

As you may know, Tommy and I have had to postpone our wedding more than once. Each time for me personally I had a breakdown and felt like I died a little inside. It made me sick just thinking about how we had to yet again wait to finally get married. I don't even know how Tommy felt because he never expressed it. But I do know he was not happy about it either.

Even though it has been extremely difficult on us some good has come out of it which is very important. We have had the opportunity to really work on ourselves AND our relationship. It feels good knowing our relationship is rock hard. Despite the fact our engagement has been a waiting game, we're actually happy. And our love is as strong as ever.

Just the other day I was talking to my best friend about it and even though I already knew we were improving I didn't actually realize something good came out from having to wait. We have always felt that we had a good relationship, but in our earlier years we fought a lot (from what I learned it was a "normal" amount). It was more than I would have liked but the good times outweighs the bad so we stuck it out (because come on, who wants to fight?). But as time went on and things improved drastically we both acknowledged that our relationship is pretty awesome :) Its now rare for us to actually fight, have an argument/disagreement, or bicker. And it wasn't even that hard! All we have to do it REMEMBER. It's been great! And yesterday I asked Tommy how he thought our relationship has been and he said "Absolutely excellent". How awesome is that??

Needless to say, all this waiting not only brought us even closer together and deepened our love but it turned out to be the best thing for us.