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Friday, December 5, 2008

How time gets away from us

It's been a little over a year since we got engaged. WOW! Especially considering our engagement was only supposed to be 9 1/2 months. But things do happen, and our plans have had to be pushed back a little. Hopefully if things go right this time, by the time the 2 year mark for our engagement rolls around, we'll FINALLY be Mr. and Mrs.

Since our plans are still up in the air, i haven't really been able to feel like a bride. Sure I look things up, do research and everything, and plan, but I can't finalize anything until something else is finalized. It's very frustrating. I'm tired of waiting and "planning". I just really want to be married already. I've even considered skipping the whole wedding and doing a courthouse ceremony. But I know we both want an actual wedding, the memories, the pictures, so we'll (mostly I) will have to have a little more patience. Patience is a virtue, right? I know once its here, and we're finally married everything will be worth it. But for now I'll have to deal with the waiting and frustration.

Anyways, about a month after our engagement, my best friend since the 4th grade came down to visit from Washington to take our engagement photos and help out with the planning. Since she of course was automatically my Maid Of Honor, she wanted to do her part to make sure I had everything I needed to know about planning a wedding and being a DIY bride. So she bought me some books.

Anti-Bride Wedding Planner

The DIY Wedding

This one is my favorite because it's basically a joke, but it sure is fun to read

The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Weddings

And she even got one for Tommy, so he knows exactly what he needs to be a Groom

Guide For the Groom

Marissa is awesome. Thanks :)

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