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Thursday, December 4, 2008

This is our story

Our families go way back. First meeting was when Tommy's parents rented an apartment my grandparents owned about 10 years before we were even thought of. Who knew this random encounter would lead to marriage years later.

Even though our families knew each other from years earlier, we didn't officially meet until we were about 6. Or at least thats our first memory of each other. We were both born and raised in California but he was from Northern Cal and I was from Southern. His family moved back and forth a couple times. Anyways, we crossed paths when my family ended up moving to the same "church" his family attended. It did not go well. For whatever reason, we could not stand each other. So from then on we were practically archenemies. It's funny to think about now, but back then having to see each other on a weekly basis was a nightmare. We hated each other!

Around 10 years later something changed. We no longer thought the other was as evil as previously believed. We didn't care for each other still, but things were different. We were civil.

Things really changed when his mom started teaching her Hula class at my house. So every week as his mom came over to teach, he came over to bug me, lol. At first since things were still a bit rocky between us I was slightly bugged and would not allow him in my room. But as the weeks and months went on, I started letting my guard down and we would watch TV and play video games together.

One day as we were trying to be nice to one another, long story short I ended up giving him a cell phone I no longer used (this was back when phones were only one color and flip phones were the big thing!). That was one of the things that started all of this. It was that act of random kindness that brought us even closer together. Because of that phone we had the opportunity to get to know each other better at literally the palm of our hands. Because I was nice, Tommy took it upon himself to befriend me. He figured since I was nice enough to give him something, then maybe I wasn't THAT bad. So he text me. And from then on we have text each other basically every single day.

So now as the months go by, and our dislike for one other fades and turns into a friendship, which then leads us to becoming best friends.

As like all best friends, we were close. Always hanging out with each other and goofing around.
You know, friend things. I remember saying these words a lot because of it, "We're just friends", which was true, but I guess not entirely :)

August rolls around and our bond keeps growing. Something comes up and we were going to need to spend a little less time together before it lead to something more. Too little too late. One day while my best friend was visiting from Washington and we decide to go to the movies. So my cousin, Tommy, my friend Marissa and I go see The Bourne Supremacy (this is now known as "Our Movie"). After the movie we all head back to my house to just hang out a bit. And then it happens, we admit our feelings for each other but thats it.

A few days later, on my second day in Hawaii with Marissa (it was a graduation present to ourselves to take a trip to Hawaii), on our way to The Polynesian Cultural Center he asks me out via text messgae. Later when I told Marissa about us finally being official, she even made the comment that this could actually lead to something serious. At the very beginning she knew!

Now, over 4 years later, here we are planning our wedding. We're both very fortunate to be marrying someone that was not only our friend before dating but our BEST friend. Even to this day, which I'm so thankful about, he still makes me weak at the knees. I get butterflies just thinking about him, and spending time together never gets old. Its like time never went by. Our relationship still feels brand new.

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