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Friday, December 5, 2008

Wedding Party: The Girls- Megan's Entourage

So these are the lovely ladies of our wedding party. I'm very excited to be including all of them in this special time of our lives. I can't wait till I can finally do some serious planning and get this wedding going! I look forward to all of the pre wedding stuff I have to do with these girls before the big day arrives. I'm sure they'll all help make it fun and as stress free as possible.

(The order they will be in, from shortest to tallest excluding my MOH)

Maid of Honor: Marissa- Best friend since 4th grade
Bridesmaid: Corinne- My cousin

Bridesmaid: Roslyn- Our friend

Bridesmaid: Vanessa- Tommy's sister

Bridesmaid: Eunice- Our friend

Bridesmaid: Andrina- My school friend

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