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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Photographer. Only slightly related to the wedding

While searching for a wedding photographer I came across one who caught my attention because of a project she's doing that she calls “Project Blended”. She began this project because she has always been interested in the issues of interracial people and couples. And so as a way of celebrating the growth of interculturalism in our society, she photographs mixed race couples and individuals. Anyone interested can email her and schedule a shoot. So I did since my fiancé and I are both mixed, he’s Puerto Rican/Filipino and I’m Japanese/Mexican. She messaged me back giving me a little more info on it and it sounds great. All we have to do is sign a release form so she can publish the pictures (she hopes to turn this project into a book), we get about an hour, and she’ll give us pictures on a disc. Best of all its free! And since my fiancé and I are both mixed she’ll be taking photographs of us individually and together as a couple. I've also been referring a lot of our friends and family since most are either mixed themselves, in a interracial relationship, or both. I’m really excited about this! I’m even considering hiring her as our wedding photographer because not only do I like her work, she’s within our price range, but I think she’ll enjoy seeing all of the different races we’ll have.

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