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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Why we chose our theme

More often than not people have a problem with wedding themes, “wedding should be the theme for a wedding”, or “themes make weddings look childish”, and so on. I never understood why themes were just so horrible to some people. Why do we all have to have that cookie cuter wedding? Why can't weddings reflect the couple? Makes no sense to me.

We didn’t decided to have a theme just for the sake of having a theme. It was a way to include something important to the both of us not only individually, but as a couple. What better way could we do that?

Some reasons are just coincidental, but either way, there always seems to be some Hawaiian connection within our lives:

  • Tommy's parents met in Hawaii
  • I have family from Hawaii, and even born over there
  • For as long as we can remember we have been interested in the culture
  • Tommy's (only) niece has a Hawaiian name
  • Tommy's mom teaches her own Hula/Tahitian class. And not only are other members of his family in it but mine as well.
  • Many times a year we do something or go somewhere that has to do with the Hawaiian culture (we go to hula competitions, they are apart of an annual dance show and even are sometimes hired to dance)
  • Even though he and I have known each other literally forever, it was because of his mom’s class that we became friends (it was taught at my house)
  • I was in Hawaii when Tommy first asked me out.

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