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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This isn't called a recession for nothing

It seems like people don't realize how horribly bad the economy is, don't seem to realize that people are loosing their jobs left and right, that unemployment is at an all time high. We're in a RECESSION PEOPLE. Which means, financially things aren't good. Why is that so hard to understand? Yes, there are SOME jobs out there but if unemployment is extremely high and people are still loosing their jobs, there are obviously NOT ENOUGH TO GO AROUND. Yet when someone can't find a job it's because they're lazy or not looking hard enough. Are you dense or something? Just because you've found a job, or things are going ok for you, or this problem hasn't even really affected you that much it doesn't mean everyone is that fortunate. You REALLY think that a sane person will purposely make their life more difficult than it already is? Uh, nooo. I was always told that I should think before I speak so I don't say something insensitive or just plain stupid. I think it's about time others take that advice because there has been way too much trash talk going around. When you're perfect then you can say something. Otherwise just shut up and stop focusing on others if you're not going to help.

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