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Monday, September 21, 2009

Why our wedding hasn't happened yet

There has been a lot of talk and negative feelings for Tommy and I being engaged so long. Just imagine how WE must feel not only to have to deal with those who like to gossip but to HAVE TO KEEP WAITING. We don't appreciate people speaking negatively of us for something that is out of our control.

Want to know why we haven't had our wedding yet? Well to put it simply, we got engaged RIGHT before the US went into a recession and ever since then things have gone down hill. That should be easy enough to understand why this wedding is taking forever, and it should also be enough reason for people to stop running their mouths because we didn't ask to be put in this situation and we'd really appreciate it if people stop thinking so badly of us without even knowing whats going on.

Have things been easy for you? I highly doubt it. So why is it so hard to realize that things are going to be just as hard, if not harder for us? Stop focusing on us and just focus on yourselves.

But you know what? This should just show how strong our relationship is. Not only are we forced to deal with a financial crisis, but we are also forced to deal with people WHO ARE SUPPOSED to be loving and up building, but instead prefer to tear us down when we're already at a low point. What does this say about you (those who are the ones doing this)?

Tommy and I were engaged November 16, 2007
The US recession started December 2007


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