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Thursday, February 5, 2009

"But you're so young"

Seriously? I'm sorry but I can't stand it when people tell me that when they find out I'm engaged. Everyone is entitled to their personal opinions but it still annoys me beyond belief. I don't know what people expect us to wait for. Lets see, we're going on 5 years this August. We waited 5 YEARS to get married. We didn't jump into marriage like so many others do even though from the very beginning we KNEW we would one day get married. We have been together our ENTIRE "adult life", so no "puppy love" that most teeny boppers are known to have. We'll be 23 when the big day arrives, older than most people we know who have been married in the past few years or are getting married soon. And to top it off, we have known each other FOREVER! Why is there a need for us to wait any longer? If you're not ready to get married thats fine but DO NOT tell us we aren't or are too young.


Schnookies said...

I know what you mean! Tobi and I would hear this all the time when we were getting married. We got married when we were 19 and we are STILL married after 10 years!

Regardless of what people say (which by the way, I don't think you are too young), as long as you have Jehovah always first in your marriage, you will be together for ever. Never forget that!

Ecclesiasties 4:9-12

Queen Dez said...

I was 23 when we got married and Karson was 20. I think 23 is a great age to get married! Marriage is hard but if you are both in it for eternity, which I think you are, then everything will work out. It has been seven years for us and it still feels like just yesterday we got married. Your love only gets stronger through the years!