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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Taking his name

I always figured that when or if I were to get married I would be taking my husband's name. I didn't even think twice about it. But now that the time is so close, I kind of feel bad for "getting rid" of my maiden name. I still want Tommy's name but I also want my name. I realize I could always hyphenate it but that would just make my name longer (even though our names really aren't that long to begin with) and be an issue when we have kids. Plus, I don't want to insult Tommy because I really do want his name. I thought I already made the decision to just have the one name but for whatever reason I keep going back to it. Plus, if I have both I like the variety of the cultures in my entire name, Megan Michiko Ortiz-Puig. I want people to see my name and think "What the heck is she?" It's just my weirdness coming out I guess.

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Schnookies said...

LOL. Even if you hyphenate it, it still won't be as long as my last name. I went from having a four letter last name to having a ten letter last name. So go for it! Hyphenate it, then you can still use them interchangeably. :)