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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We can get through anything

I was thinking about relationships and how couples break up over anything, especially when theres no "good" reason. A couple weekends ago I found out that when my grandfather was dying (years before I was born. He was my dad's dad) he was afraid of my grandmother leaving him because he was sick. Apparently when a family member of his was sick/dying his wife left him because she couldn't deal with it. So as my grandfather laid on his death bed, he kept telling my grandmother "don't leave me. don't leave me. don't leave me."

Even though I never knew him, thinking about him that way, in his most vulnerable time, made me really sad. Sad not only for him having to worry about his wife leaving him when he needed her most, but sad for anyone that has had to deal with that. That one person is supposed to be there by your side through anything. It's so important that it's actually in the vows people make to one another when they get married. The person you claim to love shouldn't have to worry about you leaving them, especially in their time of need.

So I started thinking about me and Tommy. Even though we've only been together for a few years, we have had to deal with A LOT. More than anyone could ever know, and more than we should have to deal with so early on. We have been going through one bad thing after another non stop for who knows how long. It does take its toll, make our emotions run high, and cause a lot of stress. A lot of the things we have had to deal with in our few years together would have been the end to most relationships today. Despite everything we have had to deal with and are dealing with right now, the thought of leaving never crossed our minds. And even though dating isn't the same as marriage, we both know that we can get through anything because we have been at our darkest point and overcame it.

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